How Does Ebates Cash Back Work?

It is common for people to wonder, “how does Ebates cash back work?” because the whole concept of getting cash back for shopping kind of seems to good to be true. Our scam radars perk up because we know that there is usually some kind of catch and nothing comes for free.

There is nothing fishy about Ebates, and to prove it, I want to explain exactly how it works. Once you understand how they are able to give you cash back when you shop online, you will never shop online without going to Ebates first.

The first thing you need to understand is that Ebates gets a commission for any purchases you make when you shop through their tracking links. Stores appreciate the traffic that Ebates sends their way, so they give Ebates a percentage of the sale. Then, Ebates shares part of the commission with you. It really is that simple.

It is very common for stores to offer commissions to other websites that refer customers to them. Ebates gives customers an incentive to shop at the stores that partner with them because they are able to offer additional savings in the form of cash back. It is a win win for everyone involved.

Ebates benefits by earning comissions, the store benefits by getting more shoppers to their websites, and you, the customer, benefit because you get cold, hard cash just for doing the shopping that you were going to do anyway.

Ebates partners with over 1,200 stores, including most of the stores you probably shop at already. You may even be able to find new stores where you can save more money on the products you are looking for.

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How Does Ebates Cash Back Work?

You can also combine coupon codes with cash back to save even more on your purchases. I always check for coupon codes before I shop online, but sometimes it is hard to find new coupons that have not expired.

Many sites never take down the old coupon codes, so it can be frustrating to try to find ones that actually work. Ebates conveniently lists all the current coupon codes for each store so you can quit wasting time searching on other websites. You can be confident you are getting the best savings possible because they update the coupons regularly.

Here is a litle tip to make sure you get your cash back from Ebates. It is very important to click the tracking link before you shop. This is what tracks the sale and tells the store that Ebates referred you so they can get credit for the sale and receive the commission. However, it may also be necessary to clear your cookies before you click the tracking link.

One common problem people have is that even if they click the tracking link, they still might not get the cash back because they unknowingly clicked on a link on a different website. These tracking links are known as affiliate links, and they are posted on many websites all over the internet.

If you are researching a product and visited a bunch of websites, you may have clicked on an affiliate product without knowing. These links take you to the store where you can buy the product, and they have a tracking cookie which tells the store that they referred you.

If you already clicked a different tracking link, the tracking link on Ebates may not work. If you clear your cookies in your web browser first, then it should work properly. You can do this by going to the options or preferences settings in your web browser.

I hope this article helped answer the question, “How does Ebates cash back work?” It really is a reputable company and has helped over 12 million people save money so far. Signing up is free, plus you get a $5 bonus! You can sign up by clicking the form below:

How Does Ebates Cash Back Work?

Is Ebates Legit

People who are not familiar with cash back shopping may wonder, “Is Ebates legit?” I have been using since 2008 and I can assure you that it is legitimate. Some people think it sounds too good to be true, but it is not a scam at all. I will give my Ebates review in this article and talk about how the site works.

The way Ebates works is simple. You shop through a link on the site and Ebates gets a commission for whatever you purchase from the merchant. They share that commission with you in the form of cash back. The merchants win because it encourages you to shop at their site, Ebates wins because they keep part of the commission, and you win because you get cash back.

Is Ebates Legit?: See The Proof!

By shopping with Ebates, you pay the exact same amount you normally would have, but you get cash back, so there is really no reason not to use the site. If you are unsure and still wondering is Ebates legit, read their about page and you will see that these guys are the real deal. For further confirmation, I am posting a copy of one of the checks I received just to show you that yes, they really do send you cash!
Is Ebates Legit

Another great thing about the site is that you can also use coupons in addition to the cash you get back, and Ebates will show you all the available coupon codes for each merchant. So, if you shopped at Nordstrom with a 10% off coupon, you also get 5% cash back, for a total of 15% off.

If you shop online a lot, check out the site and have a look at all the stores and what percentage cash back you could get at each store. If you start looking at what you have purchased in the past, you can see that the cash back would add up quickly. There are over 1,200 stores that participate, so chances are that you shop at a lot of those stores already. If you buy something that is available from many different stores, compare them and see which site offers the most cash back.

When I first signed up to use the site, I could not believe how easy it was and was kind of kicking myself for not signing up sooner. I shop online a lot, and I started thinking about all the cash back I could have gotten in the past. But I am glad that I signed up when I did because I have saved a ton of money over the past few years.

Ebates sends out checks every three months for purchases made in the previous quarter. Basically, you shop as you normally would, but you get a cash bonus every three months that you can use towards future purchases or even to pay off bills. You can get a check sent to you or they can send the money to your PayPal account. There is no need to wonder is Ebates legit. You really have nothing to lose by signing up, and if you do not, you are actually leaving money on the table.

You can sign up for Ebates and see for yourself, plus you get a $5 signup bonus. Just click the form below:
Is Ebates Legit

Ebates Review

Here is my Ebates review for those who would like to hear about somebody’s personal experience using the site. If you have not joined yet, I hope this review will help you feel more comfortable joining. I know that cash back shopping seems like it might be too good to be true, but I assure you that is totally legitimate.

First, I want to address people who may be wondering if Ebates is real, if it is safe, if it is a scam, etc. I have been using Ebates since 2008 and have been saving money on my online purchases ever since. There is nothing unsafe about using the site, and it is definitely not a scam. Cash back shopping works because online merchants will pay a commission to Ebates for sending you to their site. Ebates shares that commission with you and that is how they are able to give you cash back just for shopping online through a link on their site.

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Ebates Review

If you understand how cash back shopping works, but you doubt that Ebates will actually send you money, let me prove it. Here is a check that I recently received:

Ebates Check

Sometimes seeing is believing, so I wanted to just show you a check that I got from Ebates so you know that yes, they do actually send you the money that you earn. I have never had any problems using the site and have always gotten my money when I was supposed to. As long as you click through the link on and see the tracking ticket before you start shopping, you will earn cash back on your purchase.

Payments are made every 3 months, so you may not receive your money immediately after making a purchase, but you will get it on the next payout date. Be sure to read through the help section so you know when your next payout is coming.

If you are still debating signing up, I can tell you that the longer you wait, the more you are going to kick yourself later once you start earning cash back on your online purchases. I know when I first signed up, I kept thinking that I wished I had known about the site sooner because I could have been getting a lot of cash back. I would suggest that you just sign up and try it out, because as soon as you see how easy it is and that it really does work, you are going to start saving a lot of money.

Another cool thing to mention is that once you sign up, you can tell your friends and family about it and earn $5 for every person you get to sign up. And believe me, once you start saving money, you are going to want to tell everyone you know about it. Anybody who does any online shopping should know about Ebates. It is a shame that more people do not know about it, because they could be saving a lot of money and have no idea.

I hope this Ebates review was helpful. With all the scams out there online, it is hard to know who to trust sometimes. I can tell you that Ebates is one of the good sites out there. It’s been around since 1998 and was started by two former Deputy District Attorneys who used to prosecute online identity theft and fraud. It is completely legitimate so you do not have to worry about falling prey to some online scam.

You should not hesitate to join Ebates because you will start saving a lot of money by signing up! Seriously, do not buy another thing online until you sign up, because you will be kicking yourself later.

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Ebates Review